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spin me 'round again
21 December 2012 @ 12:33 pm

friends only
i like pie. and cupcakes.
fic posts public.
comment to be added.

mood: contemplativecontemplative
spin me 'round again
28 August 2012 @ 06:36 pm
I am not dead, contrary to popular belief.

It has been a really long time since I have been on here. My life got crazy, crazy, crazy and it's taken me months and months to get to where I am now. But I am happy and I am healthy and I am good :)

I can't say I'm going to be on here a lot, to be honest, because I probably won't be. I have been trying to cut back my blog time recently and work is CRAZY for me and I just have limited time. But I hope you are all well and fantastic and happy. 

Much love.

spin me 'round again
Title: We're All Stories In The End (1/?)
Pairing: Finn/Rachel
Rating: Eventual R
Chapter Wordcount: 4,300
Spoilers: 3x22
Summary: New York seemed lonelier now. Like the image in her head has projected into something that isn’t quite right. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. Maybe it was, but it felt wrong.
A/N: Okay, so I'm not entirely sure how many chapters this will be. Could be anywhere from 7-10 I would imagine, but once I figure that out I'll update the count. This is my attempt at making myself feel better. I hope you enjoy it.

The finger on her left hand is red raw.Collapse )
spin me 'round again
09 May 2012 @ 08:35 pm
Title: This Is How It Starts.
Pairing: Finn/Rachel.
Rating: R.
Spoilers: Post Prom-asuaras.
Summary: "I don't want to take them off yet."

It's actually the perfect night...Collapse )

spin me 'round again
Title: My heart, it beats, beats for only you. (1/1)
Pairing: Finn/Rachel
Warning: Rated R, Spoilers for episode 5.
Summary: Fuck, he needs to focus. He shouldn't swear. He needs to keep swearing down to a minimum for this, he thinks.

He's never been more nervous in his entire life.Collapse )
spin me 'round again
05 October 2011 @ 10:21 pm
Title: Anatomy Of A Glee Club
Characters: Ensemble
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 3x03
Summary: They’re all broken, you see.

He hasn't slept in days...Collapse )
spin me 'round again
31 July 2011 @ 10:27 pm

Title: Age Twenty Two Racer(1/1)
Pairing: Finn/Rachel
Rating: PG
Summary: It seemed like a good idea, when he was signing the papers, and when he put on his new killer leather jacket, and when he rode into the small spot outside their apartment. And then suddenly the idea came crashing down. Future!fic.

'You're kidding, right?'Collapse )

spin me 'round again
Title: Let's Go Back To The Start (1/1)
Pairing: Finn/Rachel
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,609
Summary: She'd known this guy for a total of five seconds, and maybe it was the martini speaking, but she didn't want to say no. AU.

She's late.Collapse )
spin me 'round again
Title: The Secrets In The Telling (1/1)
Pairing: Finn/Rachel
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Pure spec. for the finale.
Summary: And somehow going slow had turned into Rachel straddling his lap in the front seat of his truck, his hands in her hair. Post-Nationals.

He’s not sure how it happened, really.Collapse )
spin me 'round again
11 May 2011 @ 11:59 pm
Title: Show Me How It Ends (1/1)
Pairing: Finn/Rachel
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Prom Queen
Summary: He can't let go. And he knows that makes him incredibly selfish, but he can't find a way for this to end. Post Prom.

It takes him a total of fifteen minutes to get to her place after Prom.Collapse )