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hp fic: let it, let it open my eyes (1/1)

title: let it, let it open my eyes (1/1)
fandom: hp
characters/pairings: tonks, remus/tonks
rating: pg
word count: 1,834
spoilers: deathly hallows
summary: you have to find him. you need to find him. [the battle you never got to see.]


what in god’s name are you doing, tonks? this is a bad, bad idea.

She ignored the voice pounding in her mind as she sped past Ginny, waving her hand behind her. She heard her call out, but she didn’t look back. Because all she could focus on was Aberforth, running faster a fraction of a second in front of her. All she needed to focus on was getting to Remus. If she was shaking, she could barely feel it. The castle was rumbling from underneath her, jets of light sporting from every direction.

There was a loud explosion from ahead and she ducked instinctively, her wand clutched firmly in her fingers. Out of the corner of her eye, Tonks saw Aberforth again, backed up against the wall as dust echoed through the corridor.

you have to find him. you need to find him.

Debris fell from the roof of the castle, and she could see where the explosion came from. There was a large hole in the corner of the wall, taken out by the death eater she knew to be Mulciber. He glared at her, before smirking and running off into the direction of the group of students who had previously run past her. Seeing the coast was clear, she ran up to Aberforth, coughing, and skidded to a halt in front of him.

“Why didn’t Mulciber attack?” Aberforth said, his voice thick though the dust.

She shook her head. She had an idea, but she wasn’t going to tell him. She coughed, staring around at the destroyed castle.

“Where – where was he?” Her voice was more cracked than she expected. “Where is he?”

There was another explosion, and red and green spurts of light burst from all directions. There was a scream, closer, and Aberforth grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the line of fire and against the wall next to him. She barely noticed how close it was. She felt the dirt and grime build up on her face, her breathing heavy. She turned her head and stared at Aberforth, waiting for an answer.

Aberforth spluttered and pointed down the staircase. “Entrance hall.”

She barely heard him say ‘hall’, because she had already begun speeding across the corridor and down the staircase, dodging the students, professors and others who were scattered on the staircase, aiming spells at the death eaters scattered around the bottom floor.

he’s ok, he’s ok. he has to be ok.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw George Weasley firing spells at Yaxley, while Charlie and Bill were both dueling Rodolphus Lestrange, moving quickly and dodging Lestrange’s bad-aimed spells. Avada Kedavra erupted from Yaxley and George just barely missed the killing curse. Charlie yelled at Bill to go help George while he continued to duel Lestrange, while George fired a stunning spell at Yaxley.

Tonks sped past them, barely seeing Bill join George, and looked around wildly for Remus. Her mind sped through the alternative situations that he was in, panic building up inside her. She heard movement behind her and she spun around, her wand raised as Bill backed up into her.

“Have you seen Remus?” She yelled over the noise.

Bill pointed to his right, over to the other side of the hall and before she had time to look, she shot a stunning spell at a hooded death eater who had entered the ring. He ducked, aiming his wand at her. A jet of green light burst from the tip and she ducked, flat against the floor. Charlie ran past her, grabbing her hand and hoisting her up as he shot a disarming spell at Yaxley.

Spinning around, she saw him dueling Dolohov over the other side of the room. A gasp or a groan of relief escaped her mouth and she began running towards him, ducking from the shots of light.

“Stupefy!” She yelled, aiming her wand at Dolohov. He was taken aback, spinning around and ducking from the spell she aimed at him.

Remus turned and saw her. Shock spread on his features as he caught her eye. Within seconds, he spun back around as Dolohov gained his composure and began dueling him again.

“What are you doing here?” He yelled, more out of shock than anger.

She dodged a spell Yaxley aimed at her. “I couldn’t sit at home and wait!”

For a split second, she thought she saw a flicker of a smile appear on his face. “I didn’t really expect you to!” He called to her, ducking.

“Little Nymphadora! Tell me, what do you think your mother will say when I kill you?”

Tonks spun around and saw Bellatrix standing in the middle of the hall, her head tilted as she mockingly waved her wand in her direction.

Breathing heavily, she smirked. She was going to play too. “Tell me Bellatrix, what’s Voldemort going to say when you’re killed by a blood traitor like myself?”

A smirk appeared on Bellatrix’s face.

“I was wondering why the other death eaters didn’t touch me. Been telling them you’re the one to finish me off, have you?” Tonks asked, her wand aimed at her chest.

Bellatrix laughed. Cocking her head again, she saw Remus dueling Dolohov and grinned manically. “Poor werewolf. He’s going to meet his end soon.”

Tonks instinctively swiped her wand and attempted to disarm Bellatrix, but she was too quick. With an almost lazy movement of her wand, she deflected her jinx.

“Sloppy, sloppy. How’s married life treating you?” Bellatrix grinned, shooting a jet of red light at her.

She shot one back, ducking. “Quite well actually. Motherhood is treating me well also.”

Bellatrix was momentarily shocked, and Tonks laughed as she shot a stunning spell at her. Gaining back her speed, Bellatrix dodged the spell.

“What, didn’t you get the notice? Shame. You’re a great-auntie now. He look’s just like Remus,” She said, grinning at the furious look on Bellatrix’s face.

Bellatrix seemed to be over having a talk, because she furiously swiped her wand, aiming to kill. Tonks had to use all her speed and skill to fight her; despite Bellatrix’s homicidal nature, no one could deny she was a talented witch.

Her wandwork was sloppier than normal, and she put it down to just having a baby. As she ducked from the unforgivable Bellatrix shot at her, she got a glimpse of Remus 5 metres away from her, still dueling Dolohov.

“Worried about your husband are you Dora?” Bellatrix shrieked, shooting a spell at Remus, who just barely missed it.

Fury welled up in Tonks body and she flew up from the floor, yelling and aiming her wand back at Bellatrix. She backed up, dodging the spells and running across the room. She knocked into Remus behind her, and with his spare hand he grasped hers briefly while they both faced their opponents.

A yell erupted from behind her and she spun around, not caring that she was still facing Bellatrix. Dolohov shot Remus straight in the chest and she saw him fall, limp on the crumbled ground.

A cry she barely heard, but felt, escaped her lips and she scrambled over to him, clutching his robes as she stared into his empty, lifeless face. Tears cascaded down her cheeks and pain she had never felt before burst into her heart, making her entire body, inside and out, ache.

A cackle behind her crashed her down into reality. She unsteadily stood up and turned around, staring at Bellatrix.

“Poor Dora,” Bellatrix drawled, staring at her with a mock expression of pity on her face.

Tonks launched herself at Bellatrix, her wand swiping and shooting jets of multicoloured light. Bellatrix smile halted, and with equal aggression, she began to do the same.

Everything in her body hurt. And her mind was frozen on the sight of Remus. The lump in her throat was building deeper and she knew she only had to kill Bellatrix.

Only had –


She barely paused for a moment when the green light hit her squarely in the chest and she crumbled to the floor.

And then there was nothing.

But she was crying.

No, no, no …” She knew that she was curled up on the floor and she knew what had happened but she also knew that this was …

She opened her eyes and looked up.

Remus knelt in front of her, his hands on her waist. The sight of him made her lose control. She sobbed and clutched his robes, bringing him closer to her as she cried into his chest. She heard him making soothing noises as he held her, his lips against her hair.

“I’m sorry … I’m sorry …” she whispered, standing up, her voice shaky and thick.

He shook his head. “You have nothing to be sorry for.”

Tears welled in her eyes. “We left him. Oh God, we left him.”

Fresh tears flowed down her cheeks and his arms curled around her waist as he held her close. She wanted nothing more than to hold her baby boy in her arms and tell him that it would be ok, that he would be ok. The thought broke her heart.

“He’ll be ok,” he murmured into her hair. “He’ll be ok.”

After what felt like hours, she finally looked up, and he loosened his grip on her. She looked around.

“Where are we?”

It came out more like child-like wonder. They were standing in a misty street, she now noticed. Everything was white, glow-like even. It was empty. Her eyes found the sign on the building in front of them.

“Is that…”

“The one and only Leaky Cauldron,” came a voice from behind them.

They both turned around to see James Potter, Lily Potter and Sirius Black move towards them, smiles on their peaceful faces.

Remus grinned. “Typical.”

James stopped in front of them and reached for Remus’s arm, before pulling him into a hug. When they broke apart, Lily hugged him, grinning, and finally Sirius.

Sirius moved towards Tonks after hugging Remus and pulled her into a hug. Everything seemed faint and dizzy as they broke away and she was faced with the four of them.

“This is Dora, my wife,” Remus said, pulling Tonks towards him. She hadn’t seen him so happy before. The sight made her laugh through her blotchy face.

James grinned at her, holding out his hand. “We'd better hurry up, or we’ll be late.”

“For what?” Tonks asked.

Lily smiled. “The party.”

“It’s finished. Voldemort’s gone,” James said, grinning.

Remus smiled. “He did it.”

Lily nodded, tears welling in her eyes. “He did.”

Tonks smiled, clutching Remus closer to her. James nodded to them, the smile on his face not vanishing as he and Lily lead the way up the stairs to the entrance of the Leaky Cauldron.

“He’s safe,” Remus whispered softly into Tonks hair as they walked up the stairs.

She nodded, closing her eyes. Their Teddy was safe.

And she knew that everything would be alright.

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